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Unitron Headquarters - Dallas Texas

Unitron specializes in the design and development of Solid-State Frequency Converters and Environmental Control Systems. As a full-service organization, Unitron performs all aspects of the design, production, sale and service of our products, providing single-source responsibility for our customers.

Since 1960, Unitron has been a key supplier to the defense-aerospace, aviation and industrial markets. The customers listed below represent a sample of those companies and applications, which have established our equipment’s proven system compatibility.

bulletAmerican Airlines
bulletBell Helicopter Textron
bulletBombardier Aerospace
bulletDelta Airlines
bulletGulfstream Aerospace
bulletL-3 Communications
bulletLockheed Martin
bulletNorthrop Grumman
bulletSouthwest Airlines
bulletTexas Instruments
bulletUnited Airlines
bulletU.S. Department of Defense


Unitron’s product line includes Ground Power Units (GPUs) to support military, commercial and business aircraft, Stationary Converter Systems for use in industrial and facility applications, Frequency Converters for use onboard aircraft and in military shelters, and Rack Mountable and Bench Converters for operation in development laboratories and production test areas.


Unitron is dedicated to providing superior customer service and support - from installation and continuing throughout the life of the equipment.  An experienced customer service department, along with our products’ innovative built-in diagnostic system and modular design, provide quick resolution of any field failures. To assure continued support of Unitron units, regardless of their age, a comprehensive repair parts inventory is maintained exclusively for the Customer Service department. This minimizes repair costs and facilitates quick response to service needs.  A variety of services, such as training classes, preventative maintenance, and extended warranties, are available to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the equipment for years to come.


Unitron’s headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and provide a central location for all engineering, manufacturing, sales and customer service activities. The modern manufacturing facility is equipped to produce both large and small power conversion and environmental control products, and allows Unitron to perform all assembly work in-house. Design and test activities are supported by state-of-the-art electrical design laboratories and environmental test facilities, where temperature, altitude, vibration and humidity tests are performed to ensure full compliance with industry standards and design specifications. Unitron is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard, a system that helps us sustain the quality that we design and manufacture into our products.

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Last modified 13 Apr 2014