270VDC Aircraft Power Supply Units

Unitron 270VDC aircraft power supply units are available in ratings from 36kW to 72kW in mobile, towable and fixed configurations. This 270VDC product line is designed for use in both indoor and outdoor environments for maintenance ground support of the F-22A Raptor and the JSF-35, as well as MRO's supporting the aircraft. These products are also available with 400Hz outputs from 20kVA to 90kVA.

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Product Highlights

Compliant to Lockheed Martin F-35 Ground Electrical Power Interface Specification
(Document No. 2ZEU00004, Rev-0007)
NEMA 250 - Type 3SX
Certified to UL 1012
Self-diagnostic capabilities for minimizing downtime
Towable, Mobile, Fixed and Bridge-Mounted Configurations
Front Panel Summary Fault Indicators
Emergency Power “OFF” Switch
Automatic Input Line Monitoring
Advanced Integrated Display (AID™) Console
External Communication Port – USB
Internal Communication Ports - RJ45 (Ethernet), RS485 (Modbus), & RS232
NEC 513, 18-Inch Hangar Hazard Area Clearance Requirement (Available)
Voltage & Current Monitoring
Control Panel Voltage Adjust
Elapsed Time Meter
Input High Voltage Transient Protection
NEC 513, 18-Inch Hangar Hazard Area Clearance Requirement (Available)
Multi Language Display


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